For projects where replacing windows in not a possibility whether that be a historic building, listed property or due to cost constraints, we offer Senior’s SSG range of aluminium secondary glazing. The Senior range of aluminium secondary windows is designed for double-glazing existing primary windows. Easily fitted and operated, the system allows for cleaning and maintaining both the existing primary and applied secondary window. When installed, the system provides all the thermal and acoustic advantages of double-glazing.


Available Configurations:

  • Single Light Duty Fixed Light
  • Single Fixed Light
  • Hinged Lights
  • Lift-Out
  • Horizontal Sliding
  • Vertical Sliding

The installation of a secondary glazing system is a reversible alteration and a solution to conserving the exterior character of a period property while helping to create a positive impact on the buildings thermal and acoustic performance. Secondary glazing provides an additional layer of insulation and added benefits including increased thermal efficiency and reduced energy costs, and is also particularly effective in listed and period properties in creating a secure additional barrier where the original windows may lack modern security fittings.

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