Designed to provide both strength and durability, the VISOFOLD 1000 delivers outstanding performance with minimal maintenance. By choosing the VISOFOLD 1000, you can effectively open-up an entire wall to bring the outside in. The multi-panelled slide-folding doors can concertina back to one of both sides of the frame, creating a relaxed, bright and open atmosphere interiorly that beautifully frames garden views and beyond.

Suitable for installation in any room, these elegant systems add a touch of finesse and provide a striking glass façade. With high-security glazing and locking mechanism (including security deadlock and hook bolts), and an unrivalled colour range to choose from (including dual-colour options), each door can be tailored to meet your own precise requirements.

  • Aluminium Bifold Doors suitable for domestic or commercial applications
  • Choice of opening configurations to suit any application
  • Polyamide thermal break enhances thermal performance and improves overall U-Value.
  • Compliant with Document L 2010
  • Multi-point locking mechanism on main opening sashes, and shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions
  • Lock mechanism available with domestic style ‘lift-up’ handle and an adjustable, one-piece keep
  • Pas 24:2012 compliant
  • Low threshold or rebated threshold options
  • Choice of standard or non-standard colours, including metallic, wood-structure, dual colour and Smart’s unique Sensations range of textured finishes
  • Profiles available in either square or rounded edges options
  • Fabricated using mitred corners

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The sleek, ultra-slim profiles of the Visofold 6000 allow the sashes to sit flush to the frame. This results in the bi-folding doors taking up minimal space when open, and therefore maximises open spaces. Offering modern aesthetics and making the most of large glass areas, the Visofold 6000 offers one of the slimmest sightlines in the industry at 94mm. Slim sightlines flood areas with light and decreases restrictions to beautiful views.

In terms of performance the highly engineered and designed Visofold 6000 includes Smarts innovative polyamide thermal break to enhance thermal performance and robust locking mechanisms to ensure security. The improved recessed rollers and guides provides a beautiful transition between inside and outside with a reliable and quiet smooth sliding action.

Fully customisable, the Visofold 6000 can open internally or externally, and has multiple opening configurations to choose from. The system is available in the full range of RAL and Smarts colours/finishes and has various threshold options.

The flexibility, design, and engineering of the Visofold 6000 makes this a perfect option for both commercial and residential projects.


  • A highly-versatile, easy-to-operate system is suitable for both commercial and residential projects where large opening apertures are required and can be tailored to meet each project’s specific requirements
  • Internally or externally folding sashes, which when open, sit flush to the frame
  • Sashes are hung from a floating mullion and slide on a recessed bottom roller and top guide
  • Door sashes are moved to the side in a concertina fashion
  • Smooth, easy and reliable operation
  • Slim profiles maximise open space
  • High security glazing
  • Robust locking mechanisms (including multi-point locks on the main opening sashes, and shoot-bolts on the floating mullions)
  • Smarts full colour range and the option of colour-matched accessories
  • Polyamide thermal break hat enhances the system’s thermal performance
  • Fully compliant with Document L 2010
  • Options of low threshold for unimpeded, easy access, or rebated thresholds that offer improved weather resistance


  • High performance bi-fold door offers high insulation with maximum transparency and aesthetics
  • Different openings including both inward and outward
  • Main door principle allows the first leaf to be used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leafs
  • 4 threshold options available from high performance to low and flush threshold.
  • The CF 77 bi-folding door can be combined with the CS Systems for windows, doors and curtain walls.
  • Available as a functional slim line sliding door CF 77-SL
  • Maximum vent height of 3000mm
  • Maximum vent width of 1200mm
  • Maximum vent weight of 120Kg
  • Maximum glass thickness of 63mm
  • U values down to 1.66 W/m²K


  • Aluminium Bifold Doors Suitable for public and residential property
  • Basic depth 70mm
  • Maximum glass thickness up to 45mm can be used
  • Narrow face widths from 120mm
  • Vent weights up to 100Kg (depending on the design)
  • Vent sizes up to 3.6 m²possible (depending on the design)
  • Additional convenience with a turn/tilt opening vent
  • Easy access flat threshold with rebate gasket, water tight and burglar resistant
  • Units can be folded left, right, inwards or outwards as requires
  • Magnetic retaining catch with elegant design
  • 90°building outer corner, inward and outward opening possible
  • Easy to move due to stainless steel tracks
  • Burglar resistance RC2
  • Thermally insulated
  • Wide choice of colours


  • High thermal insulation with able to achieve U vales <1.3 W/m²K
  • Basic depth of 80mm
  • Maximum glass thickness up to 52mm canbe used
  • Face widths 117mm
  • Vent weights up to 100Kg (depending on the design)
  • Vent sizes up to 3.6 m² possible (depending on the design)
  • Sound reduction
  • Flat threshold with gasket seal for weather performance
  • Flat, thermally insulated threshold allows easy access #
  • 90°building corner, inward opening possible
  • Easy to move
  • Burglar resistance class RC2
  • Wide choice of colours


  • Aluminium folding doors with an innovative, enhanced thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR), allowing ultra-low U values to be achieved (U-vales as low as 0.98 W/m²K when calculated as a CEN standard door).
  • Narrow sightlines to complement the PURe window range
  • Almost unlimited range of colours and finishes including bespoke colours and dual colour
  • Choice of configurations and sizes
  • Glazing up to 48mm for maximum thermal and acoustic performance
  • Test to PAS24:2012
  • Life expectancy in excess of 40 years
  • Max door leaf width 1000mm
  • Max door leaf height 2616mm
  • Max weight per door leaf 100Kg

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